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Cracow, which is the second biggest city in Poland, is considered to be one of the most important hubs in the country. Similarly to other European countries, the biggest cities in Poland such as the capital city – Warsaw, Gdańsk on the seaside and the southern capital – Cracow have always had better communication trails with all Polish regions than any other city in the country. Among hundreds of public national “PKS” buses there is plenty of private transporters. In Małopolska region the most famous ones are: Szwagropol, Voyager and Lajkonik. They provide transport services for most of Małopolska region inhabitants. Additionaly, Cracow is also linked with tens of Polish cities via railroad trails. Apart from regional trains, Cracow Train Station offers plenty of InterCity connections. What is absolutely remarkable in the Cracow’s train connection with Gdańsk, is brand- new Pendolino train, which covers the distance of almost 600 kilometers in about 5 hours. For those who prefer to travel by car, it is worth remembering that Cracow has a direct access to one of the main Polish highways: A4.

Cracow – Balice AIRPORT (KRK)

Furthermore, Cracow has its own airport – Cracow-Balice. It is the second biggest airport in Poland and in 2019 8,4 mln of passangers went through its terminals. In general, last year there were 114 destinations in 32 countries available to reach directly from Cracow. The airport is located 11-15 kilometers from Cracow in Balice village. Among the facilities near the airport we can enlist; a hotel, car-parks, a car hire, and restourants (at the airport). Besides taxi and a public transport (bus 252 or 208) there is also a train, which covers the distance between the city centre and the airport in 20 min.
Practical information:
the buses which go to the airport stop on bus stops like: Dworzec Główny Wschód, Jubilat, Nowy Kleparz, Plac Inwalidów in the city centre:
these buses usually go every 30 min or every 60 min.
the tickets: one can get in the ticket machine but make sure that they cover both zones (Zone I– a city and Zone II – suburbs), they are a bit more expensive than standard ones (only Zone I)
if one decides to get to the airport by train, look for the schedule of SKA1, make sure that you’ve found a valid one.
One night staying in the hotel near the airport costs approximately 350 zł ( September 18, 2020)
a taxi from Cracow to Balice airport costs approximately 100 zł

Katowice- Pyrzowice AIRPORT (KTW)

Using Katowice- Pyrzowice airport is another good way to reach Cracow. The airport is located around 100 kilmeters from Cracow and it takes around 1,5 h by car to get there. Katowice airport served to almost 5 mln passangers in 2019 and it is considered to be the fourth biggest Polish airport.
Practical information:
the prices for transport to Katowice airport from Cracow vary, depending on the tranport company, one can expect to be charged from 50 to 200 zł for a person
there is no direct bus or train from Cracow airport to Katowice airport,
there is an abundance of car-parks near the airport, some of them are paid and guarded while some are paid and unguarded !
a hotel nearby is called Moxy Katowice Airport*** where one -night staying costs 150-200 zł (September 18, 2020)

Katowice and Cracow Airport transfers by Legendary Kraków:

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